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Factory prefabrication of pipe spools

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    Factory prefabrication of pipe spools

    Factory Prefabrication of pipe spools is the assembly and welding of pipes, pipe fittings and flanges in the fabrication factory according to the drawings of project, making pipe spools, and then dispatching them to the user's site for welding or assembly of the minimum workload.

    The advantages of factory prefabrication of pipe spools:

    1. Comparing with construction on the project site, it’s easier to control the quality of construction for doing prefabrication in our pipe spools fabrication factory.

    2. Our company have basically replaced manual welding with automatic welding, and the total cost of construction will be lower than that of on-site construction.

    3. It will be not affected by the weather and special cutting and beveling tools will be used, so the production efficiency is high, the whole construction period can be controlled, and the delivery speed is faster.

    4. Our factory has an independent testing lab, which can facilitate to preform non-destructive testings such as radiography, ultrasonic testing and hydro testing etc..

    Since 2010, Hebei Guanghao Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. has explored the construction and management of pipe spools prefabrication. From the aspects of initial planning, implementation and construction, equipment layout, secondary design, construction production and overall management of pipe spools fabrication factory, it has formed a set of effective management experience and methods, realized the mechanization, automation and specialization of pipe spools prefabrication. The material of prefabricated pipe spools mainly include carbon steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc..

    Prefabrication process of pipe spools:

    Preparation stage

    1. Establish and improve the rule management system, management system, quality assurance system and post responsibilities of relevant personnel.

    2. Complete the planning of construction site.

    3. Technical preparation. Including: examination of drawings, secondary design of pipe spools, budgeting, establishment of database, preparation of operation instructions, preparation of construction plans, completion of welding process assessment, personnel assessment, equipment inspection, etc.

    4. Construction preparation. Including: determining the numbers of construction personnel, welding equipment and other equipment according to the requirements of construction period. Planning the construction site.

    Construction stage

    1. Construction material management

    2. Construction process management. Including: blanking section management, assembly section management, welding section management, finished product section management.

    After completing all the prefabrication works according to the requirements of the construction drawings, the pipe spools will be performed the inspection. After passing the final inspection, the certificate of conformity will be issued, then the goods can be packed before leaving the factory.  There are two stages for the quality inspection of pipe spools prefabrication products. The first stage is the process quality inspection, namely the quality inspection of each process in the pipe spools prefabrication process, such as rust removal, anti-corrosion, blanking, processing, assembly, welding, etc. The second stage is the final quality inspection, which includes the inspection of pipe spools and the inspection & confirmation of various records and conformity reports.


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