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Buttwelding Pipe Fittings from Guanghao

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    The largest butt welding elbow in China is made by Guanghao Company

    Butt welding pipe fittings are the most commonly used components for the pressure pipes, because they all have bevel ends, and can be fully welded when connected to the pipe, thus  ensuring the complete pressure bearing capacity of the pipe.

    Guanghao Company began to produce butt-welding pipe fittings in the 1980s. The father of our boss founded Huaxing pipe fittings processing factory at that time, which mainly produced and processed the butt-welding elbows. Because the processing of butt welding elbows requires a lot of molds, not all factories have the ability to invest in making these molds. At that time, many other factories entrusted us to help process elbows, and the business of elbow processing has continued till now.

    Types of Butt Weld Fittings: Elbow, used for changing the direction of pipeline. Tee or cross, used for pipeline branching. Reducer, used to change the diameter of the pipeline. Lap-joint flange is placed over the stub end, so that both of them are assembled together. Cap is used for pipe end sealing. And, what is more, reducing elbow, which can change the direction and diameter of the pipeline at the same time. But the processing procedures of reducing elbow are complicated, very costly, and is rarely used.

    A set of samples of butt welded pipe fittings that we sent to our Romanian customer

    Induction bends can be classified as either pipes or fittings. Using intermediate frequency heating equipment and hydraulic propulsion equipment, the steel pipe is bent into various bends with different radiuses, such as R=3D, 5D, 10D and so on. Both ends of the induction bend often have a certain length of straight section for easy welding with the pipe. Induction bends are commonly used in the industries of city heat supply and oil & gas transportation. The quality inspection standard of induction bend is ASME B16.49. Guanghao Company can produce the induction bend with the outer diameter 1420mm. Over the past few years, we have provided a large number of bents for the city heating projects all over China. With excellent product quality, extremely short delivery time, and thoughtful after-sales service, we have gained the high praise from the customers.

    Our medium frequency induction bend production line

    There are two ways of forming butt-welding pipe fittings: seamless and welded. For butt-welding pipe fittings with a size ≤ DN600 (24"), they are usually made of seamless steel pipes, some are processed with cold-forming way by hydraulic machinery, and some are formed on special intermediate frequency heating equipment. For butt-welding pipe fittings with a size > DN600, usually formed by the way of heating the steel plate and then pressing the plate into the mold, and then processed by assembling and welding. For the pipe fittings with weld seam, ray and ultrasonic testing are usually required. Nowadays, more and more customers need large-diameter seamless pipe fittings. Guanghao Company can produce large-diameter seamless elbows with size DN1200 and with various wall thicknesses.

    Due to the requirement of temperature and pressure, there are many kinds of materials required for the butt welding pipe fittings. In addition to carbon steel, there are various classification ways such as alloy steel, pipeline steel, stainless steel, and low-temperature steel. A234 WPB is the most commonly used carbon steel material. Alloy steel materials including A234 WP5, WP9, WP11, WP12, WP22, WP91 and WP92. Cold formed pipe fittings usually require annealing or normalizing heat treatment. Pipeline steel materials including A860 WPHY52/60/65/70, and commonly used low-temperature steel material is A420 WPL6. The above-mentioned materials usually need to be tempered after quenching to obtain the required strength or low-temperature performance. Austenitic stainless steel materials like A403 WP304L/316L require solution treatment to obtain good corrosion resistance performance. In recent years, duplex stainless steel materials 2205 and 2507 have developed rapidly due to their high strength and excellent  corrosion resistance performance. Guanghao Company added a production line of stainless steel pipe fittings in 2021 to meet the market demand.

    The size standards of butt-welding pipe fittings are ASME B16.9 and MSS SP-75, even China's butt-welding pipe fittings standards GB/T 13401 and GB/T 12459 are also formulated based on the American standards. Due to fierce market competition, some factories have developed non-standard pipe fittings to reduce the length of blanking to reduce costs. However, for many years, Guanghao Company has always insisted on making standard size pipe fittings. Independent professional inspection institutions and skilled quality inspectors have ensured that the appearance, structural length and wall thickness of butt welding pipe fittings meet the standard requirements.

    Some carbon steel butt-welding pipe fittings need to be coated with the types of 3PE, FBE to adapt to different installation environments, or add polyurethane insulation coating and PE sheath pipe to transport hot water or steam, these are the specialties of Guanghao Company.

    For the exported butt-welding pipe fittings, it is usually necessary to spray anti-rust paint for long-distance sea transportation, and add plastic caps to the ends of the pipe fittings to protect the welded ends. Plywood wooden boxes and pallets are commonly used packing ways. When purchasing plywood packages, we will design the wooden box just exactly according to the size and shape of the pipe fittings, so as to prevent the empty space inside the wooden box from being crushed when stacking. Special winding equipment must be used for pallet packaging to wrap enough layers of plastic film on the pallet. These films are tightly wrapped around the fittings to ensure a firm package that will not come loose.

    With 30 years of pipe fitting production experience and 20 years of export experience, Guanghao Company looks forward to becoming your strategic partner with professional and timely service.